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Taejoon Pharm Co., Ltd. matters private information of the customer and follows the Personal Data Protection Act. The company notifies how the personal data is used with which method and which measures have been taken to protect the data through the Privacy Policy.

- The policy is enacted from June 28, 2013.

Collection and internal use of personal data

  1. (1) Item of the collected personal data
    Name of the registrant, contact (phone number), e-mail address
  2. (2) Purpose of the collection and internal use of personal data : Provide and instruct the information on the question
  3. (3) Period of personal data retention and use :
    Taejoon Pharm Co., Ltd. holds the collected personal data until the company achieves the purpose of the use. In addition, all the
    personal data is immediately disposed of through delecting the question if the person who asks shows intention on the disposal.
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